Determining Tone w/ Tupac Shakur

Students will participate in an activity centered around Tupac Shakur’s poem, In the Event of My Demise. Students will watch a short media clip via Biography to gain backglarge-1952595-1.jpground knowledge on the subject. Students will then participate by answering
Grades: 9th10th
Types: Activities
CCSS: RL.9-10.4
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7th Grade Lesson Plans (1 year)

*** You will need to edit/revise/update these plans because they’re somewhat underdeveloped, but the zip file contains a good starting point with notes as well as curriculum maps. Also, it’s a free resource… These plans include lesson plans
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Passion Project

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 8.56.52 AMPassion Project (Semester/1 year long)

Task Summary: Students will be exploring multiple intelligences independently through an activity that will be called a Passion Project. Students will have designated time on Fridays, or to be determined day, to work on this student-driven project. The only parameter in terms of boundaries will be projects that would be considered school appropriate. Use best judgment. Passion projects has spawned things such as GMail & Google News; it has been referred to as Genius Hour…
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