Student Artwork

I asked one of my former students to paint a picture for me. She just dropped it off, and she went above and beyond. Always support teen talent!


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Elements of Hip Hop Enrichment Club (draft)

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.52.44 PM

~ Open Google Doc for details

I’m currently thinking about starting an enrichment activity for students, but I’m not quite sure I’ll have the time during the upcoming school year. Also, I’m not sure how well it would be received by students, admin, or parents. I think it’d be an interesting concept to infuse Hip Hop music in with the following critical thinking activities:  Socratic SeminarsLevels of Questions, OPTIC Strategy, ECQs based on musical themes, and 5, 4, 3, 2 + 1 Discussion.  Continue reading

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The Adventures of Captain K! (for sale iTunes/PDF)

Every day my daughter tells me stories that are simply wonderful as well as unforgettable. I’m truly amazed at how my daughter processes the world around her at such a young age. I know every parent can relate to the aforementioned amazement. The book focuses on Kennedy’s hopes and dreams about the future. The book also provides interactive checkpoints that include various opportunities for parents to interact with their children about various topics ranging from fire safety to favorite places to travel. Hopefully, this book gives parents a good bedtime story that will help kids focus on their bright future as well as help them get to sleep…

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Character Wheel Project w/ Rubric (FREE)

Character Wheel Project w/ Rubric (FREE)

large-1951058-1.jpgThis character wheel project is one way to show the complexity of a character student has become familiar with during their reading. The wheel is essentially a collage that is split into 8 different sections and shows the character the students…
Grades: 7th8th9th10th
Types: Activities
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Freshman/Sophomore English Lesson Plans (1 Year)

****Please read before you purchase**** – I taught in a “beyond textbooks” school district (, so there are no books required. All materials used are based on various resources that are run through Google Docs/PDF hyperlinks…
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Literature & Grammar Lesson Plans (1 year)

Literature & Grammar Lesson Plans (1 year)

large-1954876-1.jpgCourse Description: This is a required elective for sophomores designed to better prepare students for the ACT, the AIMS, and Senior Exit Project in the areas of grammar and literature. Students will study and apply principles of grammar and…
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Senior Memoir Project

Senior Memoir Project

– This is a Senior Memoir Project that we did at Empire High School. Task Summary: This is the last quarter of senior year in high school, and it’s time to reflect upon all the memories as students transition into the next phase of their life
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